Adaptation and horror

There is so much crossover between survival and horror games that they have developed their own sub-genre (survival horror). While the opposite is less frequently true, horror games frequently share certain fundamental characteristics with their survival-themed rivals. There is still continuous discussion about how to categorise these games as more FPS and traditional shooter aspects are added to some horror and survival games.
Resource management is the main gameplay element in survival games, and these games frequently include salvage or crafting systems that you may use to help keep your character alive. Popular standouts include Don’t Starve and Minecraft. The Long Dark, a game that solely concentrates on survival themes with a dedicated mode that raises difficulty, is one of those games.

Even more genres fall under the heading of horror, which may include dozens of survival games. Horror includes almost everything with zombies, a post-apocalyptic plot, or lots of jump scares. These games frequently leverage tension and psychological themes to draw the player into the experience. Games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Alien: Isolation, and Blair Witch fall under the category of pure horror. However, survival-horror games like those in the Resident Evil and Evil Within series tend to be the most well-liked horror releases.

examples of survival
Don’t Starve Resident Evil: The Long Dark (survival-horror)


Looking for a genre with an idea that hasn’t altered much throughout time? The platformer genre includes a wide range of games that still proudly display their roots in the early 2D side-scrollers when it comes to nostalgia and attention to workmanship. Running, climbing, and jumping are common in platformers as the player navigates their way through difficult stages.
Platform games often have a side perspective and straightforward controls; Donkey Kong is frequently cited as the genre’s pioneer. Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog later carried on the legacy started by that game. A few more years later, Naughty Dog’s original Crash Bandicoot game attracted players with a distinctive camera perspective (head-on) and a tonne of personality.
Platformers are immensely popular among gamers, indie developers, and classic games. Additionally, there are several RPG crossovers and forays into even more unusual subgenres. A well-known game that combines puzzles and adventure features is Ori and the Blind Forest. Another one is Cuphead, which is both gorgeously animated and extremely difficult.
Examples of platforms
Crash Bandicoot, Cuphead, and Ori & The Blind Forest


The development of new video game genres is due in large part to developers consistently pushing the boundaries of gameplay, which has led to the emergence of new games and game styles. Even while it can all seem confusing at times, the variety shows how thriving the game industry has become. Additionally, it implies that you should have a wide variety of video games in mind for your upcoming session.