Computer Games Types

There are numerous different game types and genres, and modern computer games are action-packed. But a lot of games fall under more than one genre. A soccer match, for instance, might be classified as both a sports game and a simulation game. You can better grasp the different computer game genres with the help of the information provided here.

Online Massive Multiplayer (MMO)

These games are played online or over a local area network (LAN). In the virtual game room, players communicate with one another via a network. There are opponents available from all over the world. These games were developed over the course of countless hours of programming, offering you, the player, the most incredible gaming experience imaginable.


In these games, players assume command of real-world vehicles like tanks, ships, and aeroplanes. Using simulation games that are also used to train professionals, you learn how to operate these vehicles. In fact, before they take to the skies, a lot of pilots receive training using flight simulators.


These are often single-player games with an adventure or fantasy theme. To move up stages, you must solve problems. Your character’s backstory and your objective are usually revealed at the beginning of a game. You must determine how to finish the task.

Real-Time Planning (RTS)

You typically need to build up your army, inventory of supplies, etc. for these games. RTS games move in real-time, much like strategy games, and players can play simultaneously without taking turns so you can play with friends at the same time.


Those who enjoy cracking tricky puzzles may enjoy playing these games. From beginner to expert, there are many levels, and games typically contain colourful shapes and straightforward controls. There is no activity required in these mental exercises.


To enjoy these fast-paced games, you must be quick and have exceptional reflexes. Use a character of your choosing to represent yourself and enter the action as you complete challenges by engaging in combat with adversaries.

Sneaky Gunner

These frequently include stealthy enemy defeat in war or spy-themed games.