Microsoft has added the ability to stream PC games to an Xbox One and play them with a controller.

Microsoft is allowing Xbox One owners to stream their PC games to the device and play them with a controller. Microsoft’s Wireless Display app, which was recently upgraded, now allows you to play Steam games and other titles straight on your Xbox One. You can control the remote PC with a standard Xbox controller, allowing you to play games or even give presentations.

The Wireless Display app from Microsoft uses Miracast to link a PC to an Xbox One, and you may cast to the Xbox with the winkey + P combination. Different latency levels are available for gaming and watching videos from a remote PC, and the program is perfect for projecting a stream or video onto the Xbox. However, you won’t be able to watch Netflix or other protected content.


The Wireless Display software from Microsoft has been available to testers for months under various names, but it’s now available to all Xbox One owners. The Wireless Display app was previously known as Connect on Windows and began as a Surface Hub app. To link back to and operate the projection PC, Microsoft introduced mouse, keyboard, touch, and stylus functionality through the same software, and it’s now added controller support for the Xbox version. While Microsoft has been trying for years to bring PC games to the Xbox One, this appears to be the best way to play Steam games on the console.

Because the software doesn’t enable keyboard and mouse input, you won’t be able to stream PC games to an Xbox One and utilize traditional controls for the time being. That could change, since Microsoft included Xbox One keyboard and mouse compatibility for a handful of games late last year. This is the greatest way to play PC games on an Xbox One right now.